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Preorder What The Woods Keep & get rewarded

It's only a little bit over 2 months to go till the release of WHAT THE WOODS KEEP, my genre-bending debut about one determined girl's search for the dangerous truth about her mother's disappearance. The time has come! Preorder campaign for WHAT THE WOODS KEEPis now LIVE.

Check out the details and instructions on how to enter below.

Any questions? Please direct those to WTWKpreorder [@]

Everyone who preorders  What The Woods Keepwill get:EXCLUSIVE What The Woods Keep themed digital wallpaper for your desktop/smartphone. 
This is going to be one wondrous mind-blowing piece of art! It's being designed by - gasp! - the illustrious Irina Ivanova, a breath-taking talent, my dear friend of more than 15 years, and a fellow anthropologist by training (yes, we went to the same university and always sat side by side in lecture theaters and borrowed lecture notes from one another!). 
Check out Irina's other works here.
You'll receive instructions in the email on how …

interview with Candace Robinson, author of QUINSEY WOLFE'S GLASS VAULT, THE BRIDE OF GLASS & other books

Today I'm very pleased to share this interview I conducted with fabulous Candace Robinson!

Candace is the author of Quinsey Wolfe's Glass VaultThe Bride of Glass and many other books. She is also a blogger, book reviewer (find her reviews at Literary Dust) and overall a great human!

I hope you all enjoy our exchange of words.

Katya de Becerra [KdB]: What book influenced you the most when you were a child (and why)?

Candace Robinson [CR]: My parents let me watch a lot of horror movies when I was small, probably not the best thing in the world. But I loved them! I don’t like a lot of the newer ones, but I still cherish the classics! When it came to reading books, I didn’t really start getting into anything until I picked up The Haunted Mask Goosebumps book. Those books were all kinds of cheesy awesome!

KdB: I seem to cause a lot of controversy with this question on my blog but I keep asking it anyway because I’m just a very controversial person I guess:) So… If you have one, what i…

things that are happening

Lots of things are going on, so I'm long overdue for a "catch up" post!
I'm almost at ONE MONTH TO PUBLICATION mark! It feels so strange and surreal to type this, say this, write about this, but HOLY MACKEREL BATMAN, I'll be a published author next month. 
In case you've somehow missed it amidst my excited (and sometimes high-pitched) screaming across multiple platforms, 18 September is my US/Canada release date and it's followed by my Australian/New Zealand publication date on 1 October (though, I'm told my books should be in shops/on shelves a bit before that - so if you're an Assue/Kiwi and you've preordered my book from your local shop - there might be a surprise package coming your way earlier than you think!). 

My preorder campaign for What The Woods Keep is going strong, people! All the details are here [click!] but basically if you've preordered my book ANYWHERE (digital or physical copy!) and emailed me your proof of purchase you wil…

in which I interview Elizabeth Tammi (author of OUTRUN THE WIND) and she interviews me

Last month, I had an enormous amount of fun interviewing my fellow 2018 YA debut, Elizabeth Tammi for our regular Electric Eighteens Interview series. Each interview features two debut authors and is circulated in our closed group. It's a great way to get to know your fellow authors, share experiences and just talk up our books. When I was matched with Elizabeth, I was thrilled - I kept hearing about the awesomeness of her book, OUTRUN THE WIND, and wanted to know more about the woman who wrote it. After we've done the interview, I wondered - why not share it here as well? After all, why deprive the world of two authors' quirky jokes, geeking out on mythology and sharing their embarrassing stories about strange past jobs and whatnot (ok, yes, I'm referring solely to myself in that last point).
Anyway, please go ahead and feast your eyes on our interview!  
But first... About us and our respective books: ELIZABETH TAMMI is the author of OUTRUN THE WIND, a YA fantasy out f…

interview with S. Gonzales, author of THE LAW OF INERTIA

I'm mega excited to host this interview with S. Gonzales - my fellow 2018 YA debut and Melbournian. She's a also a top human all around. Her first YA novel THE LAW OF INERTIAis coming this October with Amberjack Publishing. Her sophomore book, ONLY MOSTLY DEVASTATED, is scheduled for a 2019 release with Wednesday Books (Macmillan). 

All right, let's get into it! Though so you know, THE LAW OF INERTIA comes with some content warning for heavy mental health and suicide discussions, so please keep that in mind. The author herself does a fine job outlining these trigger warnings in her note on Goodreads. Check it out here.
All right, and here's the interview!

What book influenced you the most when you were a child (and why)? The GOOSEBUMPS series and the ALEX RIDER series. I just adored any books that have a high level of action, drama, and high stakes situations. Still do! Plus, the GOOSEBUMPS series had so many twists. Like, WHAAAAAAAT? HE WAS ACTUALLY A MONSTER THE WHOLE …

I answer your questions about WHAT THE WOODS KEEP, writing, life, & everything (well, almost everything) - Part 2

My third What The Woods Keep giveaway is now done, and I proclaim it a roaring success.
If you've been following my debut experience so far, you'd known I've now done giveaways on Twitter and Instagram, and this third one was hosted by Goodreads. I use Goodreads both to keep track of what I'm reading and as a way of engaging with my readers, but my favorite feature on Goodreads' Author Platform is by far Ask the Author.
So, for my third giveaway (and this was a pre-order giveaway as I'm almost - ALMOST - out of ARCs) I thought: I really enjoy being asked questions on Goodreads, so why not do that? 
Here is my original 'call to action' tweet: 
To celebrate 105 days to publication of #WhatTheWoodsKeep I'm giving away 1 pre-order of my debut! Open INT (Book Depository must ship to you). Enter: add WTWK on GoodReads ( & ask me a question ( My fav Q wins! Closes in 2 weeks! — …