In The Beginning...

First I thought I was gonna blog about my doctoral research. 

But then I felt like enough time was being spent on my doctoral research as it was and I didn't really have the need to blog about my academic adventures to promote them - conferences and academic publications did that just fine.

Then I was gonna blog about my (non-academic) writing.

But then I felt like I should probably concentrate on the actual writing process rather than blog about it. I also felt I could always blog about my writing after I publish - that way I could promote my books without coming off as a self-obsessed maniac.

At last, I was gonna blog about books, pop culture and monsters.

And that pretty much made it happen for me. 

Hence, this blog - Notes from the Fog (formerly known as Among Other ThingsThis Is Russian Thing, and The Urban Dreamings) where I write about the books I read, about the paranormal as a literary genre and how monstrous creatures have come into our life to stay. 

I'm moving my book reviews to Kalinda Reviews Paranormal and will continue reviewing books (YA and not) as time and energy allow. 

Among Other Things, I aim to finish the first draft of my PhD thesis by the end of January 2013, find an agent and/or a publisher (whatever comes first) for my YA urban fantasy debut and travel the world. 

Patience is overrated.


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