back to the USA... seven years later

It's been a long, long time... and was really good to be back!

The first time ever I travelled to the US was back in 2003 - a true year of wonders for me as I haven't travelled too far from Russia before that.  So when I arrived to Washington DC in late July of the best year, America was both everything I expected and everything I did not. 

It feels pretty much the same way now...

So after seven years of living elsewhere and visiting golden Cali in my dreamspace only, 16 hours of sleepless dehydrated flying, going through LAX immi lines, it was decided we can push it even further and go to the Universal Studios straight out of airport.

Imagine the following five pictures through the haze of sleep deprivation, throug the silver shroud of glazy eyes, through the surreal Twin Peaksy mist... You get the idea...

There were flying people!

And a train through the jungle...

Shiver as you pass the Bates Hotel (yes, a huge Psycho fan here)...

Ta Ta...Ta Ta... Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta...

Then Bakersfield happened. 

Unfortunately I didn't a have a chance to have a sugar-loaded iced chocolate frapuccino from the Market Place Starbucks or walk through the Lord of the Rings-inspired uni dorms (where in 2003-2004 I had to first room with an obsessive smoker, followed by a psycho before finding bliss with a Ukranian beauty (you know who you are:))! 

In 2011, Bakersfield was pretty much the same as seven years ago, only bigger. We went to the Condors game (and yes, of course we have witnessed a fight during the game and of course there was a dude who high-fived everyone within ten meters radius every time the Condors scored. 

Then we went to see SYTYCD dance company featuring Season 8 dancers. Bakersfield local Sasha was on stage - yay!



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