Call for Abstracts - 2012 Australian Anthropological Society Conference

The 2012 Australian Anthropological Society Conference ‘Culture and Contest in a Material World’ will be held in the University of Queensland 25-28 September 2012.


You are invited to submit an abstract to the Panel 27 ‘Contesting Identities, Discourses and Perceptions in Education’

Please email your abstract to Katya at

epec [AT] (replace [AT] with @)

Further information about the conference is here.

P27 Contesting Identities, Discourses and Perceptions in Education

Convenor: Katya Pechenkina (University of Melbourne)

Anthropology of education draws on anthropological theories and methods to examine educational processes across all levels and sectors of education – including schools, VET institutions and universities. Educational anthropology is concerned with matters including educational policy and practice, multicultural education, curriculum design and student performance. Study findings serve to improve our understanding of processes around formation and transformation of cultures and identities, identify patterns of teaching and learning and develop recommendations.

This panel is dedicated to three overlapping themes in educational and cultural anthropology:

1. Exploring the processes of formation and change of identities of various participants in educational institutions,

2. Examining and challenging established discourses in education, including but not limited to narratives of student performance in schools and universities and the discourses constructed by educational policy documents,

3. Contesting established perceptions and offering alternative interpretations of issues concerning students, educators and other stakeholders in the sphere of education at secondary, tertiary and higher education levels.

We are seeking contributions from a range of perspectives within and beyond the area of anthropology, concerned with the study of educational processes. Submissions from postgraduate students are encouraged.


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