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(Don’t) Call Me Professor!

On average, I tend to have one and a half PhD-related drama per year (that's four and a half for the duration of a three-year long candidacy - yay I'm a PhD student who can count!). And trust me - as someone who's been pretty much brought up in academia, academic dramas can be brutal, evil and violent (that is on the intellectual level, so no Rosemary Hathaway or Buffy The Vampire Slayer for you).

So, my 2012 academic drama came out of nowhere and stroke me hard, like a limping but still quite able zombie jumping out of the line of twilighting trees and taking you by surprise. 

In an attempt to attract a diverse crowd to a conference panel I was convening, I endeavored to contact a number of established domestic academics. The very first email-invitation I have inocently sent provoked a FURY. To add to my confusion, the said FURY had nothing to do with my request per se, but aparently with the way I began my letter, that is Dear X...

Ok, ok I see my mistake now, but I gues…