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Getting you Op-Ed Published

Ever been wondering how to to get your Op-Ed piece published in a major Australian newpaper?

Yesterday I was lucky to listen to Sushi Das talk about pitching Op-Eds to newspapers and actually succeeding in getting them published. Sushi is Opinion Editor for The Age (Fairfax Media newspaper). She is the person who makes a decision on what goes into an Op-Ed column of The Age in print and online, Monday to Thursday.
Sushi receives on average 100 Op-Ed submission per day but only the most engaging, vibrant and provocative make the cut. The Age publishes about 20-30 Op-Ed pieces each issue. 
Here is what it takes to capture the editor’s attention and get your piece of writing accepted...
Don’t use any jargon or professional terminology. Imagine you are writing for an intelligent person who is interested in a variety of things but doesn’t specialise in your area. The key word here is accessibility Don’t use a lot of numbers. It is distractive for reader, especially since m…

Writing for Young Adults

In October I went to an ExpressMedia event – Talking YA at the Wheeler Centre. What I originally thought to be an evening of wonderful Melbourne-based author Leanne Hall talking solo about writing YA (that's industry talk for ‘Young Adult fiction’) turned out to be an even better thing – a conversation between Leanne and Adele Walsh. Adele is Program Coordinator for the Centre for Youth Literature at the State Library of Victoria.
As an avid reader and an emerging YA writer myself, here are the key points I took away from the event:
When writing YA, imagine writing for yourself as a young adult
By far this is the best piece of advice I’ve ever heard from an established writer. And so this got me thinking. Looking back at my own YA Project I realize that on a subconscious level I have been going just that – writing for myself as a teen. But what a peculiar and worrisome creature I was! I suspect that what I would have loved to read as a teen wouldn’t necessarily appeal to many other…