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When vampires were scary

I am addicted to the paranormal genre. It is not a new affliction. 

My teens were defined by the paranormal/supernatural movies and books. Twin Peaks was a big one. So was Alien (which technically is sci-fi horror but I'm still going to count it here because I can). I must have been in Year 9 when I used to watch From Dusk Till Dawn every day after school until the VHS tape withered and died. There were also An American Werewolf in London, Salem’s Lot, Richard Donner's Omen, Subspecies, Bram Stocker’s Dracula and Interview with the Vampire. All of that happened mostly during the Russian ‘valiant’ 90s when it was still illegal to own and watch US-made movies at home and when only a handful of fearless local 'businessmen' flourished running the underground movie rentals out of their dodgy dimly-lit apartments protected by a code word that changed every day in case Russian cops came-a-calling.
And then there were books. I remember The Keep particularly well, probably becau…