My 2012 Reading Highlights)

From my Shelf - by Katya Becerra 2013

In 2012 by my estimation I’ve read just over 60 books.

I used to read a lot, but was on sort of a 'book-fast' during my first years in Australia. That could have had something to do with me working several casual jobs totaling over 50 hours a week and most weekends going to Sydney for sightseeing. Though in my defense, I still managed to read Da Vinci Code sometime during the 2006-2008 period. Yeah, I’m been worse than Rose Hathaway in that regard.

I’m not proud of that dreadful statistic, so I’ve been redeeming myself slowly in the past few years.

2011 in particular was a watershed year for me for several reasons: 

- I got enrolled in a full-time PhD (something I’ve been waiting to do since 2005);
- By a serendipitous chance I went to a Richelle Mead book signing in Melbourne Dymocks (and it changed my lyfe:);
- I got an ereader; and
- I started writing YA. 

2011 was a big year for me in terms of private epiphanies, I guess.  

Now, two years later, my reading patterns have at last returned to their pre-immigration ways. This is something I’m extremely happy about because, you see, now I know that my reading levels correlate directly to my inner health and wellbeing situation (in other words: the more I read, the better I feel). Even on a day I haven’t been able to squeeze a single paragraph of a PhD thesis out of my over-excitable brain, if I at least read a chapter in a book (any book), I call that day well spent.

The purpose of this post as I see it is to analyze my reading patterns throughout 2012 (this only applies to books I consider ‘entertainment’; I don’t include here academic papers, books, chapters, etc that I read or scan through for my academicky-oriented occupation - and those are many…).

The main lines of comparisons that I devised are:

  1. Format: ebooks vs traditional paper printed books
  2. Publication type: Indie (this includes independently and self published) vs mainstream (I have more to say on this in the next post, so watch this space for my musings on the state of the publishing industry – coming shortly)
  3. Genre: Young Adult vs Anything else
  4. Country of a Book’s Origin

And in the true social scientist fashion, behold my findings in the form of pie charts (I mean really, is there any other way?)

My 2012 reading by format:

Katya's 2012 Reading Stats: Books by Format


My 2012 reading by publication type:

Katya's 2012 Reading Stats: Books by Publication Type

My 2012 reading by genre:

Katya's 2012 Reading Stats: Books by Genre

My 2012 reading by country of a origin:

Katya's 2012 Reading Stats: Books by Country of Origin

And here are the books that really stuck with me from my 2012 readings... 

My Top 5 Reads - in no particular order:

Shadows (The Rephain # 1) by Paula Weston (Text Publishing 2012, Australia)

Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles # 1) by MelinaMarchetta (Viking Australia 2008)

Dearly Departed (Gone With the Respiration # 1) by Lia Habel (Del Rey 2011, USA)

American Gods by Neil Gaiman (Headline Review 2005, UK)

Switched (Trylle # 1) Amanda Hocking (CreateSpace 2010, USA)


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