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On The Joys of Multitasking. Also: The Most Useless Superpower Ever

I’ve always been writing something. I wrote a lot of crappy poetry when I was a pre-teen and even more so during my teen years (some of that poetry was even published and stuff, so I guess it wasn’t that crappy). But I never thought of writing as a career. I doubt this idea of being a writer would even come to me if I still lived in Russia.

When I moved to Australia I was so busy acclimating and juggling my three casual jobs that I didn’t write a word of fiction for four years. But something weird happened when I began my PhD. I started writing creatively again as I was finishing my first year as a PhD candidate. As I see it now, going back to write fiction back then was a survival strategy. You see, a PhD thesis is a strange monster, one of a kind, unnatural. It messes with your mind. The Australian model of a PhD is a three year long candidature of pure research. In the first year you (in theory!) read a lot and design your research project; in the second year you collect and analyse…