15 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 1 (in an attempt to keep my sanity in the midst of PhD review)

By the end of today (ideally *sigh*) I have to submit three huge chapters of my PhD thesis to my supervisors for Three Year Review (it's a big thing...). I've been working on these chapter for months and months to get them to the first draft state and then weeks non-stop more to polish them. I'm still not completely happy with what I have written, but I have to stop somewhere and I keep telling myself this is not the final final submittion, so whatever I have at this stage, will have to do...

In the meantime, I've got the The Hayden Project manuscript feedback returned from the test-readers and now these piles of notes sit on my desk taunting me, tempting me. What makes me feel a little bit calmer about Hayden and her crew is that now she's got a spunky completely rewritten query that makes me proud. It took me about a year but I got this query where I wanted it...

And so, while I sweat and cry over my PhD, pine to put my hands on The Hayden Project again, I try to keep my blogging going by embarking on a 15 Day Blogging Challenge.

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

I first saw a reference to this Challenge here (one of the many blogs I follow) and liked the idea. It didn't seem like too time-demanding and it looked like it was something I could do in about fifteen minutes a day while I drank my first coffee. So here goes...


1.Tove Jansson's books about the Moomins were the first books I remember obsessing about as a kid:

2. Holden Caulfield was my favourite protagonist when I was a teen.

3. The first book of poetry I ever bought was Joseph Brodsky's collection Letters to The Roman Friend (in Russian)

4. Brodsky is still my fabourite poet. All these years on, I still cannot open this book and not get my eyes all watery when I read the last line of Odysseus to Telemachus

5. About three years ago I developed an odd obsession with paranormal/urban fantasy genre (it doesn't hurt if a book also happen to be YA). The obsession still persists...

6. When I look for something new to read, I first look at the book cover, then glance over the first page of the Goodreads review for this book, then scan through one 5-star review, then scan through a 1-star review, then make up my mind.

7. I think the Rise of Ebook is one of the best things that happened to the publishing industry in a while. I love how easy it is to buy ebooks, how accessible they are and how they don't occupy any space. On the side note: I adore my ereader

8. Lately, I've been making a conscious choice to read more indie-published books. I haven't been disappointed with my book picks yet.

9. I tend to choose YA/PNR books written by women. I don't discriminate against men writers in other genres:)

10. In YA/PNR my favourite 'tropes' are: 'parents had secrets', 'nothing is what it seems', 'small, creepy town', and 'good evil and evil good'

11. I'm very cautious when there are romantic elements in YA/PNR...(which is 99% of the time...). More specifically, I deteste insta-love and its ugly siblings (insta-lust, insta-hate etc) and I truly believe this: if it doesn't feel organic to introduce a romantic subplot - DON'T.

12. I've only recently found strength in me to abandon a few books I truly despised.

13. I do not lend out my books which were signed by the authors. Never.

14. I'm very careful now when someone asks me to recommend a book to them to read. (I've recently recommended KMM's Fever (which I've enjoyed tremendously) to a friend and she hated it...). Now I think before I recommend.

15. The best thing that can happen to me while reading is that feeling you get when you cannot stop reading this book no matter what - you put everything on hold, buy the next installment in a series until it is over and you are left hungover and with that altered reality state about the world. I love that feeling. I strive for it.

That is all for now. Until tomorrow - DAY 2 - when I blog about my Bedtime Reading Ritual:)

I'll leave you with a snapshot of one of my bookshelves...


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