15 Day Blogging Challenge: Day the Third - my top five fav Blogs

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge was started by April @ Good Books and Wine.

On the Day The Third of the 15-Day Blogging Challenge I have to declare who my blogging BFFs are.

Instead, I'm going to offer my own interpretation of this task and list the five blogs I read regularly. This selection of five is based on many months of trial and error until my blog-reading routine stabilised for a time being.

And so, here comes... My top five fav blogs...

Numero Uno - Evil Editor.

I think EE's brilliant whoever he (or she?) is. And the 'minions' too.

Every morning of the week, I awake, make my cup of horrible instant coffee and sit down to read the latest EE's post. For those of you who's not familiar with what EE does - EE is a blog where aspiring authors can send their book queries (a query is a pitch designed to entice an agent or a publisher to buy your masterpiece) to have them critiqued by the Editor and his/her followers. The catch is, an author must have thick skin. Like, really thick skin - because EE's critique is always razorblade sharp, funny and gritty. Despite this catch, there are anough brave souls to send in their queries to have them critiqued. As a result I have a new reading material every morning. Sometimes, when I'm feeling particulatly optistic about life, I ponder sending in a query of my own, but then I reconsider - I'm not brave enough yet. But one day. I think. For now, I just read and learn.

The second blog I adore is SlushPile Hell

Well, I don't know I can actually call it a blog, because technically... I don't know what it is... Judge it yourself. The concept for SlushPile Hell is this - "one grumpy literary agent, a sea of query fails, and other publishing nonsense." Traslation: an anonymous agent posts the most ridiculous excerpts from the actual queries he received accompanied by his uncensored reaction. For example, it is to SlushPile Hell we owe this gem:

From the actual Query Letter: Please. Please turn my novels into money. I possess a supreme talent. And I am no fool; I see how this has to be. With the right team behind me I could revolutionize literature and show consumers how there is still such a thing as soul in this soulless nation.
Agent Replies: I, too, possess a supreme talent. I am able to read dozens of ill-conceived query letters each week without my head bursting into flames.

Blog number three that I love is Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
I'm not big on romance genre, but the masterminds of the SBTB make it fun to read their reviews of the rom volumes, old and new, especially those graded D and F.

The fourth blog I heart is Reasoning with Vampires ...

...where one smart young lady deconstructs the Twilight Saga books, page by page. Literally. She scans the books nad highlights the odd grammatical constructs or the non-making-sense bits and then she puts it on her blog for the world to see.

The results are hillarious... Here's an example:

Image from Reasoning with Vampires http://reasoningwithvampires.tumblr.com/post/28889817150

See what I mean? J'adore!

And now, last but not least! The competition for the Top Five Blogs I love was stiff, but I simply had to include Emily Carroll Comics for the sheer brilliance of it. Emily is an Artist. With a capital A. Her dream journal is utterly creepy and amongst the most beautiful things. Also, His Face All Red is my fav. Click at our own risk.

Logging off for tonight. Until tomorrow when I will confess which books I flung across the room 


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