15 Day Blogging Challenge - Days the Fourth, the Fifth and the Sixth combined

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge was started by April @ Good Books and Wine.

With the weekend looming, I'm combining the next three Days of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge into one, as I'm highly unlikely to have the time to blog during the weekend. So today, I'm going to confess What's The Last Book I Flung Across the Room (Day the Forth); Will (try to...) Recommend a Tear Jerker (Day the Fifth) and; Describe How I Shop For Books (Day the Sixth).

Richelle Mead wrote on several occassions how her fans frequently report flinging her books against walls. This is by no means an indicator on Ms Mead's ability to write or to plot (I think she's a really good author, by the way) but rather on her fans' reactions to certain (*romantic*) plot points... I did have a few moments like that when I was reading Mead's conclusion to VA, but I kinda knew what was coming so I wasn't going to damage any books by flinging them. Now, I'm even further from ever throwing books against walls since I've been mostly reading off my Sony ereader and I would never do anything to hurt it. Never!

So, in general, I don't fling books across a room, against the walls, out the windows and other such things.

This gif appears on http://gif-central.blogspot.de/2013/05/throwing-book-out-of-window.html

When I was a kid, I was forbidden (by my dad) to even pencil on the margins of my school textbooks... I still find it hard to even fold a corner of a page to remembert where I stopped reading, let alone do any potential real damage to a book.

That being said, I have finally found strength in me to DFN ("Did Not Finish") books I come to loathe.

I'm proud to report that I have DFN'd Abigail Gibbs' The Dark Heroine as well as one of my beloved author KKM's pre-Fever books (the title of which is too embarassing to mention here... Ok it had 'highlander' in it) - both were complete disasters in my eyes (though for completely different reasons). Sorry KKM - I adore you, but I will never open another book of yours that has 'highlander' in its title.

It's even harder for me to recommend a tear jerker. I guess it's because I don't purposefully seek out books which are likely to make me cry, it's just not my thing. Most recently I remember crying when I've read Wuthering Heights (for the first time) and that was at least three years ago now.

What makes me teary though are a few moments from Twin Peaks (my favourite show ever). In particular, this beautiful moment when Ben and Jerry remember their childhood:


Finally, for the sixth day of the Book Blogger Challenge (Describe how you shop for books), my process is usually straight-forwars: when I look for something new to read, I first look at the book cover, then glance over the first page of the Goodreads review for this book, then scan through one 5-star review, then scan through a 1-star review, then make up my mind.

That's all for today on the Book Blogger Challenge, until Monday when I will be talking about my blogging quirks.

Keep on readin'.


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