15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day The Second

Day The Second of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge requires I blog about my bedtime reading ritual...

It's simple, really - if I have time to read in bed at all (it's been a bit of a luxury lately due to studies and extensive writing periods that tire me out and make my eyes cry), I wash my face and put on my PJs, crawl into the bed and get my ereader out. The unique angle of my bedtime reading routine... I always have a notepad and pen nearby - since I'm a sponge for words and phrases, I like to write down things that inspire or puzzle me to have a look at it later in the light of day.

More often than not, I get inspired by something random for one of my current fiction endavour (like, The Hayden Project) and write down stuff like this (actual exerpts from my current notepad):

-  [character's name from The Hayden's Project] 'blinks owlishly and goes into prolongued silences...'
- '...with them they bring chaos'
- 'read more of Roald Dahl, Guy de Maupasant and Nigel Kneade...'

But when I'm completely out of energy and can't even bring myself to write down things that I find curious, I just read, read, read until my eyes refuse to stare and my brain shuts down.


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