Things that appeal to me on blogs - Day 8 of the Book Blogger Challenge

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge was started by April @ Good Books and Wine.

Day # 8 and I present 15 things that appeal to me on blogs (in no particular order of importance)...

1 - blog is either entertaining or informative about a topic of interest to me (or both, ideally)
2 - easy to read font, minimalistic formatting
3 - straight-forward instructions of how to sign-up and follow (if I so wish) (you'd be surprised how many blogs do not have these options or have them hidden somewhere no one could ever find them!)
4 - there's a list of tags/labels that allow me to find simiualrly linked posts
5 - cool (but again, not over the top!) graphics - less is more, I truly believe that
6 - no noise (*music*) that's starting to play automatically the moment you load the page
7 - I do heart rants, as long as they are written with passion (which is the way they should be, I guess). That's why I love to read 1-star reviews on Goodreads when I'm feeling sad - they always cheer me up
8 - Reviews - books, movies etc
9 - Personal take on stuff - you don't have to tell your lifestory on your blog but a little bit of personality never hurts
10 - easy share options underneath each post
11 - frequency! My absolutely fav blog - Evil Editor - updates daily. Reading EE posts is a prefect way for me to start my day.
12 - a couple of funny smart gifs is nice, but not too much!
13 - don't like CAPTCHA though understand why some blogs have them for commenters
14 - spelling!
15 - for those blogs that focus on book reviews, I like it when they have personalised star system, like 5 stars for 'blew my mind' or something (this is just my not very creative example - I've seen much MUCH better ones but can't remember where...)


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