My Fav Books so far in 2014

With my recent PhD submission and looking for a perfect home for The Hayden Project, I didn't even have time to blog about my 2013 reading highlights. In the meantime, I stopped reviewing books (unless something I've read is spectacular and I just have to rave about it) because I don't think it's appropriate or ethical for someone who is also an author to review other authors' work, especially if I don't have anything good to say. I still do the Goodreads thing where I shelf my books, but nowadays I only give star-ratings from 3 to 5 stars (that is, only to the books I like). It's easier for me to just leave something unreviewed or unranked rather than give a bad review. 

Nonetheless, I still consider it ok to highlight on my blog and on Goodreads some amazing books I've been reading... I'll be doing more books-focused blog posts in the near future, but for now I just wanted to say what my top 5 books were so far this year...

so... drumroll...

 # 5 The Coldest Girl in Cold Town | Holly Black

...a dark and intriging take on an old type of monster... The only negative about this book is.. there's no sequel (so far?). And what a cover! E.N.V.Y.!

 The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

# 4 Ashling | Isobelle Carmody

This is a third installment of Obernewtyn Chronicles and my favorite book of the series so far. I don't have a good explanation why I waited so very long to read Obernewtyn aside from my own silliness, but the good thing about it is that now I can enjoy the series in an uninterrupted flow of awesome books and don't have to wait for the next part to come out.  

 Ashling (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, #3)

# 3 The Dark Divine | Bree Despain

Discovered this while browsing YA section in my local library. The purpose of this browsing exercise is to distance myself from the reviews and any hype (positive or negative) attached to a book and to just pick something out based on the cover/plot blurb at the back of the book. This browsing thing can be done in a bookshop too, of course, the difference though is that if you actually buy something without doing research first, chances are you may not like it, but library browsing is safe and free. 

So when I came across this gorgeous cover... and saw a 'YA horror label' attached to it, I was hooked. The content didn't disappoint - building on one of my most beloved tropes of all times (protagonist meets someone from her past, but this someone has changed and is not the person the protagonist once knew...), this book is pure awesomeness. 

The Dark Divine (The Dark Divine, #1)

# 2 The Lost Saint | Bree Despain

As per #3... The Lost Saint is the sequel to The Dark Divine and it is as stunning as its cover! As tropes go, this book explores my second most beloved literary trope of all times - a human becomes a monster. Yes, please - more of that! 

The Lost Saint (The Dark Divine, #2)

# 1 Burnt Snow by Van Badham

Why, why there's no sequel to this? WHY???! This book is amazing and represented everything that a great YA should.

 Burnt Snow


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