My pet hates

I've been much less tolerant with books lately. Maybe it's because I'm an author as well as reader and as a writer I know how hard is the process of writing from the inside and how much sweat and tears I put into my own work before I deem it ready for the readers' eyes. Or maybe it's because I've read so many amazing books lately, that when I read something less-than-amazing I just can't stomach it anymore... Either way, nowadays, when I read something that just doesn't click with me or, worse, I see the work falling apart a the seams, I... stop reading. And I don't even feel bad about it.

From mid 2013 to present I've DNF'd more books than in the total three years prior to my epiphany that life's too short to finish bad books. I've also read more books than in the entire period from 2006 when I first came to Australia to 2010 when I ''discovered'' Richelle Mead's books, my gateway drug into YA.

And so, just like anyone who reads a lot and DNFs a lot, I've developed my 'pet hates'. It's like 'reader's catnip' but in reverses. You know when you start reading something new and you can see a trope there, but it's your 'catnip' trope and you just love the new take on it? Well, pet hate is just like that, but with the trope you just... cannot... take...!

Here are my pet hates: 

1. disembodied male torsos on the cover... What happened to the rest of the body?

2. cheesy cheese... I love to eat cheese, not to read it! Cheesy romance please do not apply.

3. puns in titles. This includes anything that is a combination of a verb's present participle form plus a noun that is usually the main character's name that also sounds like on object (e.g. (examples made up by me) Forgetting Daisy, Crossing Amber...). No puns please. 

4. anything pure romance (this includes historical, Old Skool rom/crazysauce, anything with corsets/regents/dukes/princes etc). Yup, somehow somewhere I've developed this intolerance of the genre, but this probably has to do with #2 (my dislike of cheesy cheese). My apologies to all romance-lovers out there. 

5. Retellings of fairytales... Get your own ideas, please.

6. Dystopian societies where a selfless but TSTL (Too-Stupid-To-Live) rebel rebels against idiotic regimes...  First of all, it is usually a Hunger Games rip-off anyway (yes, even if you replace the lingo and the main protag's name, I can still see it is a Hunger Games rip off...). And second, enough with the totalitarian regimes, already... You know, even in a perfectly utopian world there could be issues, hey!

7. Insta-love/lust.

8. A billionaire falls for a girl that is simple but speshual.

9. Writers trying to sound like teens or to write about 'important teen issues' but coming off dated and patronizing. 

10. Relationships with tortured artists, including musicians/rock stars/actors/celebrity of any kind.

11. Uninspired writing. 

12. Vampires. (But strangely, werewolves are Ok:))

I'll blog about my fav tropes next. As a little preview, I'll give you one trope/theme/thing I adore - books set in NYC. I found that if a book is set in NYC, it'll get an extra point from me. But of course even Brooklyn can't immunize from terrible writing...

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