My Unfinished Ones

Betsey Lerner of The Forest for The Trees recently posted this - half-ideas, unfinished projects... 

So here are mine... (this is from someone who clogs her Gmail Tasks with endless 'Not-To-Self' entries and keeps an 'Ideas Queue'). (Having said this, I do finish a significant proportion of projects I start, as I'm addicted to that euphoria you get when you type 'The End' in the end of a MS) undeveloped short stories collection

first lines and endings of poems

1/3 of a YA novel about a girl battling a shaman-centered cult of supernaturally enhanced humans

a completed but hot-messy YA novel about reincarnating aliens [I might come back to this idea in a while - it keeps resurfacing in my mind

a partly biographical non-fiction [novella?] about coming of age in Russia as the Union fell apart in the 1990s

an unfinished essay inspired by Orhan Pamuk's The Black Book

a pitch/outline for a gender-bender YA (of course!) novel about a mythological/historical figure set in the medieval-like dystopian world...


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