Identity Crisis

Strong or not so, cultural (whatever that means) or linguistic, identity can also be in the state of crisis. Mine was definitely so for the past few years.

Am I an academic who also writes fiction?

Am I a writer of fiction, yet to shed its academic identity and fly free?

Pretty ironic dilemma, since I argued in favour of hybrid identities in my doctoral thesis.

To triumph over this crisis, I've been going the way of partial division of my digital identities. I use different names when I publish my creative work and when I do anything academic. I have now separated my blogging and Twitter (though I have more followers as a writer than I do as an academic. Does this mean something?), I use different email alias... This split persinality prolifiration is fun, makes it easier to focus, but it's also mind-altering. I had to drop my caffeine intake all together to slow down my brain.

I'll keep you posted on how this experiment on identity division going. In the meantime, my academic blog is about to go life. Yay. My first blog post in my academic alter ego persona: life post-Phd.

Black Flowers on Campus Copyright: Katya de Becerra 2014


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