Just Thoughts... Post Hibernation

Thought # 1

When I was little I learnt English-language songs by listening to them, so I didn't always get the lyrics rights. (This was pre-Internet, so my two sources for checking were Dad and dictionary, neither totally fool-proof). Most of the time, the lyrics I came up with were phonetically sound but otherwise nonsensical. I've come a long way from my guessing-what-that-word-really-is days, but every time I hear Queen's Show Must Go On, it puts a melancholic smile to my face as I remember me and a friend wondering what the heck "SHOW-BASKILLO" really means... (we were kids, OK?)  

Thought # 2

This is something I'm not going to say lightly, but I'm a tiny bit sexist when it comes to reading YA books... I just connect so much better to those written by female authors... There's something about a view of the world. Of course, there's no guarantee I'm going to automatically love a book just because it's written by a lady, but statistically speaking... Having said that, I just finished Rick Yancey's The Fifth Wave and Neal Shusterman's Unwind, and moderately enjoyed both. But, I'm now digging my teeth into Kelley Armstrong's VISIONS and I have to say, so far I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it! So happy I decided to read it after I had an unfortunate DNF experience with Armstrong's foray into fantasy.  

Thought # 3 

My Fogbound City is thawing now and everyone is super-excited to see some sunlight. I'm in the minority here, but I'm not really getting what's all the fuss with the hot weather? It's hot, sticky, and we can't open windows at night because of giant moths that are just waiting for their chance to invade our home. AND, I can't wear my  blazers and jackets no more! Bring back the cool change, PLZ.  


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