Story Tropes I Heart - AKA Guilty Pleasures

I've blogged about my Pet Hates back in April and promised to blog next about my favorite tropes in books but never did. So here's me going back on that promise. 

Here are my top-five tropes that trigger my interest: 

5. The blast from the past. Whether it's a supernatural occurrence that traumatized the protagonist, or a parent's deadly secret or a love interest re-emerging from the dark waters of time, I'm game to read that story. Past means secrets and secrets do come to light eventually and when they do, the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, so yeah, I'd like to see how protag deals with that. 

4. The brooding aloof jerk likes her a lot. I know. This is a vanishing trend in books though. And this is shameful to admit, but my pet-love # 3 redeems me, I hope. 

3. What she's been looking for was right before her eyes this entire time. Friends-to-more than friends is a cute trope and when done well can be awesome (Kelley Armstrong's Darkness Rising, anyone?).   

2. She's not what she seems. Or what she thinks she is. Judge me, but I still love urban fantasy where a girl discovers her true nature and comes to her powers. Again, like # 4, this is considered a rather cliche. But every cliche, when turned on its head, can be glorious. 

1. The world has a hidden world within it. I love, love, love stories about hidden worlds within the familiar ones: once the protagonist's eyes are open wide, what is seen can no longer be unseen and the protag will never be the same.  


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