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my milestones to a book deal

I have posted some stats on my querying process about a year ago when I first signed with my agent Amy Tipton, but now I'll blog about my writing journey from the very start, focusing specifically on the key milestones which were important for me. 

(oh, and please forgive me for saying 'journey' - it's so cheesy.)  

So here goes... my first query to an agent dates back to the end of 2011. That's right, 5 years ago! Back then, I knew very little (read: nothing; I knew nothing) about what makes a good/decent book and an excellent query. 
Bottom line: that first book I've completed should've never been sent to anyone. 

The good part of this story is that I've only sent that book query to one agent. Yup, just the one. Well, I also entered that book into a local Young Adult book contest run by a small Australian publisher. Fortunately, that was the end of my first (very short) foray into querying/contest-participating. 

After a quickie rejection came from that on…

my 2-book deal has been announced!

I will be writing (or more like screaming from the rooftops, though politely - not to disturb the neighbors) more about this - A LOT - but for now I'm still floating too high on happiness to think clearly enough for a coherent blog post.

But the gist of it as that after being on submission for what was beginning to feel like a never-ending Kafkaesque existential trial-like experience (which in reality did not really last that long but sure felt long), my literary agent extraordinaire's hard work (and my patience and thick-skin-ness) paid off at last).

The deal has been announced on Publisher Monthly on March 23, 2016. Two Young Adult books of mine were sold by Amy Tipton (of Signature Literary Agency) to Erin Stein of Imprint (Macmillan)

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Here's the announcement:

March 23, 2016 - WHAT THE WOODS KEEP and OASIS by Katya de Becerra

Children's: Young Adult

Katya de Becerra's WHAT THE WOODS KEEP, in which a girl inherits a ri…