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on the scariest ever book for kids (among other musings)

When I met with my editors in New York last November, we talked about all sorts of things, from the origins of ideas, to the reasons why we write, to our motivation to use non-traditional literary formats to tell a story. But this one thing in particular resonated with me: inspiration. I find myself going back to ponder one of my editor's questions in regards to inspiration behind What The Woods Keep: 'But why [spoiler removed]? Why not something else? Why this particular bit of mythology?'
Why indeed!
In response, I mumbled something along the lines of: 'When I was a kid, I remember reading this book... called '100 mysteries' or 'legends' or something... and [spoiler removed] stuck in my brain like a splinter and I don't know why but here's me twenty years later writing a book about it. I really don't know!'
Today, as I smoulder in the summer inferno that is Melbourne in February, I return to the question of inspiration once more. I d…

new year’s book resolutions

So indie author superstar Lauryn April (who by the way gave an interview to this blog – yay!) tagged me with New Year’s Resolution Book Tag and why not, so here it is…

An author you’d like to read (that you’ve never read before)
Margaret Atwood. (I tried several times before but the timing was never right.)

A book you’d like to read
Well... I currently have just over 500 books in my To-Be-Read folder on GoodReads and am currently reading 8 books at once. But if I’m to set my priorities and pick, say, three books I’d definitely like to read in 2017, those would be:

The House of the Spiritsby Isabel Allende (everyone I know who had read this, adored this, so…)

All Our Yesterdaysby Cristin Terrill (It’s been sitting in my TBR folder for a while now. It’s time)

Burn (the 4th book in The Rephaim series) by my fellow Australian YA author, Paula Weston

A classic you’d like to read
Does Kurt Vonnegut qualify as a classic today? I’ve read Breakfast of Champions in 2014 and I *think* I’ve read severa…