how to support debut authors - a simple guide

Okay, so I'm a debut author. 

It's as amazing as it is anxiety-provoking:) 

I'm at that stage of my debut author process where my ARCs (that's Advanced Review Copies) are about to be unleashed upon the world, meant to be read and reviewed by book bloggers and other varieties of advanced readers. Based on this exercise, the publisher gauges potential interest for the book and can even ask the author (yep, that's me) to revise some aspects of the book. 

Meanwhile, I'm due to engage in what's called "1st Pass Pages" stage of the manuscript which means I have to review the book ONCE MORE after it's been laid out, etc. After that, there's the "2nd Pass Pages" stage which is, like, almost IT. I think. I'm learning this as I go - one step at the time. 

This is all very exciting... but I thought I'd share some thoughts on how you - yes YOU, dear reader - can help your humble debut author friend/acquaintance/Twitter buddy to succeed. 

It's so easy! 

Here are some things you can do...

Before the book is out

  • Pre-order it. Pre-orders show the publisher there’s interest. My continuous existence as a published author depends on sales/pre-orders
  • Spread the word. Tell your friends about the book; share your excitement (hopefully, it's excitement you're feeling). Word of mouth is super important, especially for debut authors
  • Put the book on "wish-lists" (Amazon, your local bookshop, etc…). If you like getting books as gifts, tell your gift-giving peeps about THIS book
  • Follow the author on social media 
  • Add the book on Goodreads to your to-read "shelf" (these are digital shelves:)). This, again, shows interest to the publisher and readers 
  • Tell your friends/recommend it, so they can also add it

Photo by Garrett via Flickr. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Attribution 2.0 Generic

Once the book is out

  • Read it:) Okay, ideally, you read it - but, no pressure, hey:)
  • If you liked it enough, review it (Goodreads + Amazon will do the trick, but also don't forget - most bookshops' websites will also have space for reader reviews). Even just a few words are enough. You can even replicate the same review in all places!
  • Talk the book up with your book-loving friends
  • Tell the author on social media you liked the book (we actually glow in the eternal light of your love!:))
  • Ask your local library to acquire the book for their collection

So what have you done today to support your debut author friends? 

Personally, I do one supportive thing a day! I pre-order and buy lots and LOTS of books, this year my focus being on my fellow 2018 debuts! I want us all to do well, so that we can write more books for you all! Once the book is out, I ask my local library to buy it - so far my amazing library said YES to most of my requests! If I liked the book, I review it, and then go on Twitter and tell the writer how amazing their book was. You can do the same:)

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