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I answer your questions about WHAT THE WOODS KEEP, writing, life, & everything (well, almost everything) - Part 2

My third What The Woods Keep giveaway is now done, and I proclaim it a roaring success.
If you've been following my debut experience so far, you'd known I've now done giveaways on Twitter and Instagram, and this third one was hosted by Goodreads. I use Goodreads both to keep track of what I'm reading and as a way of engaging with my readers, but my favorite feature on Goodreads' Author Platform is by far Ask the Author.
So, for my third giveaway (and this was a pre-order giveaway as I'm almost - ALMOST - out of ARCs) I thought: I really enjoy being asked questions on Goodreads, so why not do that? 
Here is my original 'call to action' tweet: 
To celebrate 105 days to publication of #WhatTheWoodsKeep I'm giving away 1 pre-order of my debut! Open INT (Book Depository must ship to you). Enter: add WTWK on GoodReads ( & ask me a question ( My fav Q wins! Closes in 2 weeks! — …

you can win a pre-order of What The Woods Keep by asking me a question

A couple of days ago it was exactly 105 days to the publication date of What The Woods Keep, my YA debut (give me a YAY!!!). 
To celebrate this milestone, I'm giving away one pre-order of this book to a lucky reader.

To enter this giveaway (SUPER SIMPLE):
Step 1: Add What The Woods Keep on Goodreads (Click hereto navigate to the book's location) (You must have a Goodreads accounts - it's free and very easy to set up)

Step 2: Ask me a question on Goodreads (Click hereto navigate to my author profile) (Go to that link and find "Ask the Author" bit on my official profile - this is where you ask your question 😁 You can ask me ANYTHING book/writing/reading related, just be nice!)

I will choose my favorite question on June 20 at COB (AEST)

This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY as long as Book Depository ships to you!
Here is the original tweet that first  announced this giveaway: click here.
Some more info: I've already received quite a few absolutely awesome questions…

What The Woods Keep is going DownUnder (and more!)

So much great stuff has been happening, everyone!
We're just over three months to the North American publication date of What The Woods Keep! Early reviews have been popping up everywhere and it's the best feeling when readers connect with your book, when they really *get* it. Of course, it's not always a guarantee (book tastes are subjective, etc.), but when you get a great reaction and a nice review that highlights EXACTLY what you were hoping to achieve in the book it's euphoric.
I've been busy behind the scenes as well, working on a few short essays thematically linked to the book, and planning my pre-order campaign, but... first things first! Those of you who follow me on Twitter and elsewhere would already know this, but here it is again: Allen & Unwin got Australian/New Zealand rights for my debut and they will be publishing their own edition on October 1. I'm very proud and ridiculously happy. My Australian publisher is going to keep the same cover as…