What The Woods Keep is going DownUnder (and more!)

So much great stuff has been happening, everyone!

We're just over three months to the North American publication date of What The Woods Keep! Early reviews have been popping up everywhere and it's the best feeling when readers connect with your book, when they really *get* it. Of course, it's not always a guarantee (book tastes are subjective, etc.), but when you get a great reaction and a nice review that highlights EXACTLY what you were hoping to achieve in the book it's euphoric.

I've been busy behind the scenes as well, working on a few short essays thematically linked to the book, and planning my pre-order campaign, but... first things first! Those of you who follow me on Twitter and elsewhere would already know this, but here it is again: Allen & Unwin got Australian/New Zealand rights for my debut and they will be publishing their own edition on October 1. I'm very proud and ridiculously happy. My Australian publisher is going to keep the same cover as the North American edition, so you all get to enjoy this visual of red-tinged forest and black raven feathers Down Under too!

I had the loveliest of phone chats with my Australian editor already and can't wait to meet my Allen & Unwin team shortly! Having a local publisher means my book will be on shelves in local shops, and I can have a book launch! Yay!
What The Woods Keep are going Down Under!

In addition to this wonderful news, What The Woods Keep is also going to have a Czech edition with Dobrovsky!

In other news, I have written a short feature for an online platform The Refresh about genre-bending books. You can read my feature here. Did you know so many of my fellow 2018 young adult and middle grade debuts are genre-benders  (or mashups)? Well, now you do - check it out. 

I have been collecting some early praise and blurbs in here on my blog, but wanted to specifically highlight here this absolutely wonderful review by Kate of Beautiful BooklandI'm so thrilled that Kate reached out with her interest for an advanced reader copy of my debut and even more thrilled that she liked it. If you're not a follower already, I highly recommend Kate's book blog: https://beautifulbookland.com/ (sign up to receive updates via email) and follow Kate on Instagram (@Beautifulbookland), Twitter and Tumblr if that's your thing.

Finally, I have some exciting content coming your way in what's left of 2018 and beyond. I have three amazing author interview scheduled for the second half of the year - have I got a treat for you! Keep an eye out on this space. 

And I'm working on a pre-order campaign for What The Woods Keep!!! There are going to be awesome 'extras', mind-blowing art, engagement with wonderful causes for social justice and a grand prize! I'm so excited to reveal the campaign details in a few months time but IN THE MEANTIME: KEEP/SAVE YOUR PRE-ORDER PROOF OF PURCHASE, PEEPS, BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON STUFF. (A screen shot image is fine). 

So, pre-order, pre-order, pre-order!!!   

Pre-order at any of these book retailers: https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250124258
or check your local shop! 


  1. Just Ravens on everything. Ravens and swords, and blood.
    Definitely lots of blood.

    1. yes, you got that right - the essence of the book... I'll be consulting you from now on re tag lines for future books, because "Ravens on everything. Ravens and swords, and blood. Definitely lots of blood" is PERFECTION.


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