13 nov visuals and writing YA
10 feb on the scariest ever book for kids (among other musings)
3 feb new year's book resolutions 


21 dec year at a glance: forthcoming things, reads I loved, & on learning to revise
03 jun physics on the silver screen: the real, the made-up, the outrageous
28 mar my milestones to a book deal 
26 mar my 2-book deal has been announced
02 jan my bookish 2015 in review: writing, reading, travel & life in general



26 oct these YA books must be read in 2014 - Part 2
26 oct these YA books must be read in 2014 - Part 1
23 oct NaNoWriMo 2014
21 oct just thoughts... post hibernation
23 sep discovering new writing tools
04 sep identity crisis
28 may on importance of setting priorities
26 may on my silver screen lately
21 may five books that changed me and there's no way back
21 apr my fav books so far in 2014
20 apr my pet hates
16 apr my unfinished ones
17 feb why did Hermaine Granger have to 'end up' with anyone at all?
03 feb top 10 opening lines by H.P. Lovecraft (reblogged from Monsters & Miracles) 
29 jan Hansel und Gretel - 13


22 jul things that appeal to me on blogs (day 8 of the book blogger challenge)
21 jul writing earthquake scenes and blogging challenge Day 7
18 jul 15 day blogging challenge - days the fourth, the fifth and the sixth combined
17 jul 15 day blogging challenge - day the third, my top five fav blogs
16 jul 15 day book blogger challenge; day, the second
15 jul 15 day blogger challenge: day 1 (in an attempt to keep my sanity in the midst of PhD review)
12 jun on the joys of multitasking. also: the most useless superpower ever 
03 may what's been happening and i can't believe it's may already 
22 apr about my secretive nature and the editorial process
26 mar on the nature of literary hype: part 1 - vampires, billionaires and the rise of dystopia 
17 mar why setting matters: on cities in novels 
12 mar on zombie lovers and (im)mortal envy 
12 feb indie vs mainstream: the brave new world of publishing 
07 feb my 2012 reading highlights


17 dec when vampires were scary
24 oct getting your op-ed published 
18 oct writing for young adults
21 aug the fetch - short story by Katya Becerra
10 apr don't call me professor!
29 mar call for abstracts - 2012 Australian anthropological society conference


02 nov back to the USA... seven years later
11 aug saving books
10 jul disentangling dichotomies, querying unities. reflections on the annual conference of the AAS 
13 feb inclusive futures
10 feb melancholic aliens
18 apr in the beginning 


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