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It’s only real life

By guest blogger El Isleño
Silence followed the explosion. Deafening silence, but only for the 25 whose lives were tragically blasted away by fuel distilled from injustice and fanatical ignorance.  For those left behind, high-pitched chaos, discharging from those two blasts, assembled by zombie-soldiers following a not so shining path. Thursday, winter early 90s, and the country once again immobilised. This time, however, the conflict was taken to the capital, the “city of kings”, where most of its 8 million dwellers saw it as something distant, remote.
Two weeks after the attack, when my aunt Nelly asked if I wanted to go watch a movie in a cinema just blocks away from where this all happened…as a 12-year-old I couldn’t help but ask ‘why?... but, what if they set another bomb?’
“Because if we stop doing what we feel like doing, they win.”

As a kid I couldn’t really grasp the whole concept of – what I believed was – possibly risking our lives for the sake of watching a movie. Sure back…