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what to expect while on submission

Last month or so we had family visiting from the U.S.

We took them to Tasmania which is a huge isolated island (also, a state) off Australia's south coast. Talking about Tasmanian nature - it's stunning and windswept and has breweries that produce beer called Moo Brew and Pagan Cider and such. Also Tasmanian Devil.

So after we returned to the city after a few days in the wilderness where we drank enough Pagan Cider to turn us all into witches and ate an unholy amount of fresh oysters and got haled on, rained on and shone on, I had this Tasmania-unrelated epiphany: I love writing and I love being on submission with my debut book, even though the process is imbued with anxiety and requires lots of waiting (patience is not my virtue). But the bottom line was: I was happy to be in this process. Coming from me (I'm not an optimist but what I do is work hard and hope for the best) is huge. Big enough for me to come out of my blogging hiatus and write about it. 

So here it is:

If you…