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physics on the silver screen: the real, the made-up, the outrageous

In case you didn't know but I am a huge SF fan and would (almost) *always* prefer a SF movie to a non-SF movie. A drawback (or more like a perk?) of my SF affliction is that I find myself thinking every time I watch a SF movie that's a new take on the old SF tropes - how much of real science is actually in it? Could that really happen? What does it mean?

Film directors are likely to hire real-life physicists as consultants now, which is great as it means science fiction is closer to real science and then the fiction side of it comes out more realistic too. But then, of course, there's always a place for some mind-bending storytelling that uses realistic scientific ideas to prove its fictitious points. Contemplating on all this, I decided to write about three SF movies which I thought had some truly great ideas at their core, brilliantly mixing science with fiction, and creating a mind-blowing experience for the view... and a few forehead-cringing moments too! I did some res…