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It’s less than 7 months to go before WHAT THE WOODS KEEP will be published.

My life’s been a blast lately, and even though I’m perpetually exhausted and anxious, I’m also . . . happy. When I was first starting to write WTWK, I knew that its eventual publication was a possibility, but it just seemed a very distant fantasy at the time. And now this fantasy is (morphing into) reality. The feeling is surreal, but again – happy.

My highlights of the past few weeks were attending Shivaun Plozza’s launch of her second novel TIN HEART, where I also got to meet in person my fellow 2018 debut S. Gonzales (THE LAW OF INERTIA) and 2019 debut Astrid Scholte (FOUR DEAD QUEENS). The purpose of my attendance was twofold: aside from hearing Shivaun talk about TIN HEART and meeting my fellow authors, I’ve also been learning about how to do book launches, in hopes of putting this information to good use comes September. 

Shivaun in conversation with Aida, an Inky judge 2018 

S. Gonzales, Astrid Scholte, Shivaun Plozza, Katya de Becerra 2018

Yesterday was another highlight – my advanced reader copies (ARCs) are finally here! Plus my editor included a few other titles published by (and forthcoming with) Imprint/Macmillan, which is super exciting as all of these books have been on my radar and I’ve been desperate to read them.

Now that I have my ARCs (or as they are sometimes called, galleys), I’m keen to release them into the world. 

Namely, into the Australian YA book world, since my publisher is going to be in charge of sending my ARCs to North American book bloggers. 

So, if you’re a book blogger/reviewer/critic and regularly review YA (ideally, in addition to your own blog, you also review on GoodReads and/or Amazon), and interested in reviewing an advanced copy of WHAT THE WOODS KEEP, please drop me a line. I can’t guarantee to accommodate all requests, but I do have some books to give away, and I’m super keen to get them out to you, lovely book people!

What The Woods Keep - Advanced Reader Copies

It’s also likely I’ll be doing a giveaway or two on social media (namely Twitter and Instagram), once I learn how to do it properly, ethically and equitably. If you want to know about this giveaway, please follow this blog as I’ll be announcing any such opportunities here.

Finally, I’ve returned to my author interview series! You may have noticed I’ve recently interviewed Diane Magras, the author of THE MAD WOLF’S DAUGHTER – if not, check it out here. Next up in April is my interview with my fellow 2018 YA debut Maxine Kaplan, whose book THE ACCIDENTAL BAD GIRL sounds so cool, I’m VERY excited to read it!

Lastly (for now!), if you want to stay up to date with my book news, and follow WHAT THE WOODS KEEP’s progress toward its September publication, please follow this blog (there's a SUBSCRIBE button on the Home page), follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Goodreads. And don't forget to add WHAT THE WOODS KEEP to your to-read collection on Goodreads.

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