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It's only a little bit over 2 months to go till the release of WHAT THE WOODS KEEP, my genre-bending debut about one determined girl's search for the dangerous truth about her mother's disappearance. The time has come! Preorder campaign for WHAT THE WOODS KEEP is now LIVE.

Check out the details and instructions on how to enter below.

Any questions? Please direct those to WTWKpreorder [@]

Everyone who preorders 

What The Woods Keep 

will get:

EXCLUSIVE What The Woods Keep themed digital wallpaper for your desktop/smartphone. 

This is going to be one wondrous mind-blowing piece of art! It's being designed by - gasp! - the illustrious Irina Ivanova, a breath-taking talent, my dear friend of more than 15 years, and a fellow anthropologist by training (yes, we went to the same university and always sat side by side in lecture theaters and borrowed lecture notes from one another!). 
Check out Irina's other works here.
You'll receive instructions in the email on how to access this exclusive digital art piece.

Me and Irina circa 2017 geeking out as usual

  A short story SMOKE AND MIRRORS set before the events of What The Woods Keep take place. I'm not going to say much here as I hate spoilers, but trust me: this story will give you a unique spine-tingling insight into one of the key supporting characters of What The Woods Keep. Plus, the story is set in Paris! 
You'll receive instructions in the email on how to access this exclusive content.

QUERY CRITIQUE - for those who want it.
That's right! This is perfect if you've written a book and now you're getting ready to query agents or approach publishers. I will personally provide feedback on your query letter of up to 500 words. All genres welcome. 
Include your query when you email me your preorder details - I'll provide feedback via return email. 


In addition to the digital exclusives, ONE ENTRANT will be randomly selected for GRAND PRIZE and receive: a pre-order of my second book OASIS (once pre-orders become available!) 


This black obsidian Elder Futhark rune set

Runes and runic magic play a big role in What The Woods Keep, so this hand-carved stunning set of runes is a MUST for all you lovers of Nordic myths and legends. 

Obsidian is a volcanic glass that is believed to protect from negativity and help to discover hidden knowledge, particularly about one's self.

The Futhark runes have a long and interesting history, dating back to the first through the fifth century. The areas of what is now known as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavian countries have yielded the greatest artifacts - runic inscriptions were found on jewelry, utensils, weapons, bones and stones! 


This raven acrylic brooch

This stunning unisex piece has been designed, cut and hand assembled in Australia. It's made from a beautiful black pearlescent marble acrylic with hand painted etched details.

Ravens are said to be some of the most intelligent birds - and they make lots of enigmatic appearances in What The Woods Keep.


As a super special thank-you, I will name a character in OASIS after you (first name only)

Where to preorder What The Woods Keep?

You can pre-order What The Woods Keep anywhere you wish: it is available wherever books are sold, and of course on Amazon. If you can, support your local indie bookstore.

How to enter this preorder?

To enter, please email your proof of purchase as an attachment to WTWKpreorder [@] (any common file format is ok) AND include the following info: 

  • your name, and 
  • the text of your query in the body of the email (optional - do this only if you want to receive query critique from me).

If you are selected as the grant prize winners, I'll be in touch via email you used to submit your proof of purchase to get your mailing address details. 

*Fine print*:

This preorder campaign is international.

There will only be ONE grand prize winner. 

The digital content (exclusive wallpaper and short story) will be made available to everyone who enters this campaign and emails me the proof of purchase. 

All entries must be submitted via email WTWKpreorder [@] 

For those also wishing to receive query critique from me: I will email you my feedback on your submitted query in the period between 18 September and 31 December 2018. 

This campaign ends when WHAT THE WOODS KEEP releases in the US on September 18 2018.


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