WHAT THE WOODS KEEP is finally out in the world!

It's finally here! It's done! My debut novel is out in the world and I'm not a published author!

I'm overwhelmed! I'm feeling surreal! I'm so happy!

Are there ever words to describe how grateful I am that readers, bloggers, reviewers, and booksellers took a chance on me, an unknown debut author? What can I even say to properly thank everyone who preordered my book, everyone who requested its early reader copies, everyone who talked it up, who reviewed it, who shouted about it on social media? I'm just . . . so freaking happy! I'm grateful and blown away and very happy. Have I said "happy" multiple times already? My bad! That's I feel - that's all!

I'm not going to replicate my massive Twitter thread here and thank all the awesome people who were involved in making WHAT THE WOODS KEEP possible, but I will say this:

If you like dark, genre-bending books, narrated by strange girls and set in mercurial eerie and rainy places, then WHAT THE WOODS KEEP is for you.

If you've preordered my book, you would've gotten an email from me with some digital extras I promised as a thank-you. (Please get in touch with me if you haven't receive this email yet! I'm terrified I've forgotten someone!) If you were the randomly determined winner of the main prize, then you would've gotten a separate email from me also. And finally, if you've sent me your query, you will receive critique from me shortly!

If you haven't gotten yourself a copy of my book, what are you waiting for?

My lovely US publisher has listed all the main buy links here: Buy WHAT THE WOODS KEEP

In Australia, you can get from your local shop, like Readings or Dymocks or that lovely indie next to your house. Go support your local bookseller, if possible!

And of course there's always Book Depository:)

Last time I checked, Amazon US was running super low on copies, so if I were you, I'd go check it out and maybe get yours before they sell out!

One last thing before I run off to celebrate my US release!

Did you know I have another book called OASIS? It's coming next year, in September and I'll be revealing its mind-bending cover later this year! You can add OASIS to your TBR on Goodreads HERE.

Peace to all!

Yours in writing,



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