Melancholic Aliens

Melancholic Aliens
By Katya Becerra

Spiral Graffiti ©Katya Becerra 2013

First published: dotdotdash Issue 4 2010 Antimatter

beyond the blackest hole
they live in an eternal state of euphoria

ignorance-warped brains
never ache or despair
chromed hearts cannot break

they come wearing diamonds
in their vanilla waves of hair
bringing us peace
with metallic aftertaste of ecstasy

where they step the flowers bloom
like rainbow eyes put into a trance

melancholic aliens spread divine venom
amongst our haze-clad mornings
they worship the supernovae:
the ancient beacons for lost wanderers
that crush and burn leaving nothing
but a millisecond imprint on the sharp
irides of our wide-open eyes.


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