Oasis is OUT NOW!

Updates time! It was an incredible (as well as a nerve-wracking) experience launching Oasis in the US. So many people to thank and to acknowledge - love you all, my readers, booksellers, bloggers, reviewers, fellow authors; and of course my agent (past and present) and my publisher. Here's a little re-cap of my January adventures so far...

What I was up to this year/month so far? I launched Oasis in Books of Wonder in New York! Sara Faring was my special in-conversation guest star! She had the BEST questions prepared! We chatted and giggled and chatted some more! I think we covered EVERYTHING, from Russian cults to the most obscure Easter eggs in my books (Lady in the Radiator, anyone? ANYONE? Hey, Derek Milman guessed that one, so there's at least ONE person out there who gets my David Lynch references - thank you, Derek! <3)

Here are some photos from my NYC launch (I don't seem to have a lot of photos on my phone! 😭 I need to do a better search and locate my photos …

OASIS pre-order campaign announced

Hello, hello, hello!!! 

I'll get straight to the point 😎

Oasis pre-order campaign is now LIVE. 

I repeat, this is not a drill. 

Oasis pre-order campaign is HERE!

To say a BIG THANK-YOU to my wonderful readers for pre-ordering Oasis, I would like to give you the following goodies as a gift. 

EVERY pre-order of Oasis will receive the following: 

1. Oasis themed art print (front design by Irina Ivanova)

2. Query critique by me! 
This has proven very popular in my previous pre-order experience, so I'd like to offer this again! This is completely optional, of course. If you'd like me to give you free critique of your query (up to 500 words), please send the query my way when you enter this campaign (scroll down for details on How to Enter).

Top Prize
ONE randomly chosen person who enters this pre-order campaign will ALSO receive: 

1. Signed and personalized US hardcover edition of my debut, What The Woods Keep
2. Illusion-making crystal prism necklace
3. A 15 minute Skype call with me (we c…

OASIS exclusive excerpt - sneak peek at The Nerd Daily

I'm so excited to announce that you can now have your first look at Oasis - its exclusive excerpt was revealed this week over at The Nerd Daily. I'm beyond thrilled to see one of my absolute favorite entertainment sites host this reveal for my novel.
Here's the snippet of the announcement on Twitter:

You can now read this excerpt which I've personally selected for this purpose here:

Like what you see?

Don't forget to add this book on Goodreads.

Or why not pre-order now, so you can receive it as soon as it's released AND support its author 😉(After all, pre-orders show to publishers that there's lots of interest in a particular book and that means the author's chances of ever publishing another book grow!)

Pre-order & purchase gift for What the Woods Keep US paperback

My dear and lovely readers!

Thank you for all your support over the past year. It's been surreal and amazing and completely and utterly nerve-wracking to become a debut author, and I'm pleased to say that I've survived! It feels like yesterday though but also like it's been one million years though it was only September 2018 when ​my first​ novel​, What The Woods Keep​,​ was published in the US, ​closely ​follo​we​d​​ by a local publication in Australia and New Zealand. A Czech translation is now complete and soon - very soon! - there will be a beautiful Czech edition of What The Woods Keep​ as well​. ​(By the way, ​I'​m told that the title is translated into Czech as "Co lesy skrývají" (that is, "What the Woods Hide", ISBN: 978-80-7585-562-6)​.

​Ands now What The Woods Keep is coming out as a paperback in the US!!!

Why buy it? Well, if you haven't read it yet, then this is your chance. The paperback edition is cheaper than its hardcover pr…

Upcoming events & international digital signing for OASIS

Two events are coming up for me next week!

First off is the second SpeclitChat on Twitter which I'll co-host with Candace Robinson. You can join via hashtag #SpecLitChat on the day, Please check your relevant time zone!

Next up is my Swinburne Writers Festival appearance! I had so much fun being a aprt of this festival last year and I am absolutely thrilled to be invited again this year!

A reminder that you can pre-order your copy of OASIS via Good Choice Reading if you'd like it signed and personalized by me. Every pre-order will receive an exclusive art-print as gift!
Place your pre-order HERE by December 27th 2019

Ten reasons you should read The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring

So what I've been up to since we last talked? A little bit of this, a little bit of that... Reading, writing, agonising over writing, geeking out over reading... But today, I decided to emerge out of my wintry lair (though technically Australian winter is now over) is The Tenth Girl, Sara Faring's debut with Imprint Macmillan releasing later this month (pre-order pre-order pre-order!)
And if you need any more reason aside from my excited screaming about this book on my blog, how about I give you... TEN. 

You should read The Tent Girl...

1. Because of its stunning aesthetic beauty - Imprint Macmillan covers tend to be so ridiculously gorgeous (and also filled with clues as to what hides between the pages...) I mean just look at it. Look. At. It. 
2. Because of its unique setting! Patagonia! Argentina! An isolated, (possibly) haunted, (very likely) cursed boarding school. Yes, PLEASE. I mean just read this excerpt - do…

Author event in Canberra - 12 July!

I have a new author event coming up and I hope if you're based in Canberra or nearby, you'll come!

The event, hosted by the lovely Claire at Paperchain Bookstore, will be catered!🍷🧀🍰

Please RSVP: email or call (02) 6295 6723
What: Q&A + 📚signing of #WhatTheWoodsKeep
When: Friday, July 12, 6-7:30pm
Where: Paperchain Bookstore in Manuka ACT (34 Franklin St)